Benefit For Ben

Make a difference for Ben!

Ben Thompson, a victim of assault, is a 23 year old who now lives in a nursing home. Ben's family and friends are trying to raise $25,000 to keep up Ben's intensive speech, occupational and physiotherapy.

To this end, a benefit gig will be taking place at St Kilda's famed Esplanade Hotel, on September 11th, featuring some of Melbourne's best up and coming musical talent (including I Am Spartacus, The Advocates, Tim McMillan, Jason Cadd and the Gallows, The Gabriel Lynch Band and Zeptepi).

Tickets will be $15 at the door, and the door will be opening at 7.30pm!

Benefit For Ben has an LJ community. If you want to come to gig, want to help, or just want to express support, please join!


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DH_wants ducks

I'm procrastinating... -> The Man

- His name is Tony (I got this off Wikipedia)

- He's 38

- He "talcs his tummy"

from harrietwalker
- He works at Triple M Melbourne (this is guessed from the fact that Tony ran into him in the hallway one time when Fif was on "Get This", and also from the fact that JB knows him)

- He doesn't listen to "The Shebang"

- He bought her a $14.99 book for her birthday

DH_wants ducks


Was bored and made a Shebang icon... since I was LOLing at Fi being a dickhead.


ED: I got more bored. heh

1. 2. 3. 4.

Do you guys know of any promo pics in a higher res than what's on the website?
the dude



I've just found out the au revoir drinks for a good friend are on the same night, at the same time as the Butterfingers gig this Saturday at the Arena. So, I've got a couple of tickets that I'd hate see go to waste sitting on my fridge... Cost price is $20 [I've got 2], and I can either post them to you or you come pick them up [northside]. First to email @ sarah dot dolan at hotmail dom com wins.
If they aren't off my hands by Wednesday, price drops to $15. Go on, support local music!

I just want these tix to go to a good home, I'm furious I'll miss the show, but hell, as long as I can make someone else happy!
Adam - Rock star!

The Shebang

I missed the whole of today's Shebang episode because I had to work.

So, if anyone did listen, do you feel like telling me all about Byron's farewell? (It's making me sad just thinking about it).

I'm going to miss him so much ... *cries*